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Description of the book

Disillusioned by Amerika at the end of the 1980s, Jess packs a bag and heads for Europe not knowing what he will find in his search for Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Love and Freedom. This quest of a young man's search for himself leads the young artist from California to an art school in Norway and on to Spain where he befriends a coterie of bohemian artists that give him everything he ever dreamed of, and much more. This Kerouacian road trip drowns Jess in wine, drums, horses, love, devotion, adventure, Hemingwayesque festivals, questionable gurus, fireworks, and finally a home.

The Author, Jeff Engberg

Artist, writer, translator. The author was born in Minnesota six months after Johnny Depp and two days before Brad Pitt, shortly after the assassination of JFK and just prior to the Beatles explosion on the Ed Sullivan Show, at a time when the average income was six-thousand dollars and a new home cost a little more than twelve-thousand. He moved to Southern California as astronauts were landing on the moon and stayed there pretty much until leaving for Norway and Spain some 20 years later.

He studied art and literature at California Lutheran University, which led him to the Norwegian College of Art for a year before returning to California to finish his education. After earning his degree and being disappointing in occupational possibilities he left for an extended sabbatical in Norway, which is where this novel begins.

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