The Drawings embody imaginitive worlds of fantastic landscapes generated using the artist's own creative method called the Pareidolic Apophenic Morphogenesis Method:


Deep inside each one of us is a world unknown to others. Our souls are populated by archetypes and composite philosophies and experiences that the mind tries to understand through imagery particular to each individual. This series tries to capture this world of feelings and philosophies in visual form, without implying any answers or morals to the stories depicted. There are no answers here. In sharing this world with you I hope you can learn something about your own life by reflecting on images that can act as guiding frameworks for thought and as an exploration of feelings.

Jeff endeavours with his artwork to find meaning in life by wandering through the dark recesses of the mind.

He is currently a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association (NBK Norsk Billedkunstnere) and the Drawing Society (Tegnerforbundet).

He was associated with Can Serrat Art Center near Barcelona for 12 years helping to form, build, organize and enjoy Can Serrat's creative ambience and rural lifestyle in the Catalan countryside.
Art; The visualization or spatialization of an idea worthy of contemplation, or a beauty worthy to behold.

Currently participating group exhibitions in Artbox/Projects New York 2018, Barcelona summer 2018, Berlin sept 2018. Exhibitions planned in 2019: Solo exhibition in BCN, group show in Basel art week and Rome.

Jeff has focused on surrealistic drawings the last decade, exploring dreamworlds and imaginative environments populated by strange creatures that strive to fulfill their calling in empty landscapes populated with strange animals and archetypical creatures. The Pareidolic Apophenic Morphogenesis approach is the search to see things that only exist on the dark screen of the inner mind. My works represent a journey from chaos, line and color into shape, form and content - freely growing from the mind's inner eye onto the visual surface. It is a Surrealist Technique that I use to release the truth trapped within me.

The paper/canvas begins its metamorphosis by being splashed, scratched and/or dripped on, with no objectives or idea as to what the final work will become. The soiled paper is the basis for the first contemplation, allowing the mind’s-eye to instinctively find the next touch, the next color, the next mistake (pareidolia/apophenia). As the work progresses, these scratches, stains, blobs and lines solidify into visual objects; a face, a rock, a tree, a house. The work progresses without mental intervention (morphogenesis) until the little world takes form. The work is finished when the artist determines that any more touches or lines would only obstruct the arising truth.

Part of the beauty is the abstraction itself. Art for art’s sake. Line, color, form and composition, developing without intention or metaphors… As any true work of art should be, mine are a search for aesthetic beauty in the object/work itself and not in its representation (the Lie) of the outer world.

We are living in a time of moral and ethical corruption. Perhaps humans have always done so. One of the premises of my work is that all stories are lies. All attempts at moralizing – forcing one’s ideas on others, metaphors/similitudes/metonymys – are lies. All ideas are false. Every puritanical or tyrannical attempt sharing ideas is corrupt. Only abstract art is pure art. How can we create figurative visual art without participating in the Lie?

I propose that the only way to make true and honest figurative art is to let the figurative arise from pure chaos, pure nonsense, and only via the deepest amoral/uncontrolled inner impulses of the human psyche. Only through surreal automatism can figurative art be true.


Some say that "no man is an island." Jeff says "every man is an island unto himself", deep within the confines of his mind and soul. Creative expression is how we humans try to express this isolation and share our inner soul with others. Jeff invites you to take a journey through my archetypical archipelago and visit worlds you have never thought existed. Who knows; such worlds may even exist in your own mind....